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I am currently employed with Amazon Web Services as a Principal Technologist in the container service team.

My role is two fold: work with Product Managers and engineers to build better products as well as work with customers to help them get the most out of our services (while learning what’s missing so we can build better products). Rinse and repeat.

Prior to moving to AWS I covered various roles at VMware where I started as a Solutions Architect covering IaaS cloud technologies in the field. I also worked as a Technical Marketing Manager in the Cloud Services business unit as well as a Technical Product Manager in the Cloud Native Applications business unit.

I started my IT career at IBM where I worked for the Global Services organization as well as I covered various field and business unit roles with the IBM Systems and Technology group.

I have a mixed background in terms of roles as well as a mix background in terms of technologies and cloud services.

There are two reasons for which I have created this site: share what I know, learn from what you know. I believe in the power of communities, any community, and this is my (little) give-back to all professionals interested in the matters that I work on. I can say without any doubt that I have learned much more from browsing the net and participating in interesting forum discussions than from any other formal class I have attended. So I hope that what I am posting here is of any interest and use for you.

You can contact me at massimo (at) I am also on Linkedin and Twitter.

Note: The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions. Content published here is not read or approved in advance by Amazon (or any other previous employer) and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Amazon (or any other previous employer). This is my personal blog – not an Amazon blog.